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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pope Talks Shit - Manure That Is

Here we all are in the thick and thin of the Christmas season. Some of us are heavy into Christmas and others like myself are pretty light on the whole idea of the plastic Christmas we have in these times. Plastic is everywhere, I see it in the packages that we buy and in many of the plastic people I meet on this journey. The Spirit is supposed to be about giving as a way of sharing LIFE. Not showing for society that we are entranced in the social construct we call modern life dishing out and hard earned dollars for toxic toys. My dear wife and daughter made soaps, very awesome. Also they are sewing hot pack bags stuffed with pot barley, a minute or so in the microwave and pow a deep and long lasting heat on sore and achy bodies. This is probably the only really good use for a microwave as they kill food and just leave the nutritional husk of the food behind. So there, get the stink off and ease some pain...home made and no child had to sweat and bleed in a factory for it.

In the Spirit of Giving I pose this Question? What is the most giving for you and me and he and she and the whole lot of us? Including  the CRAZY Dominionists who seek to subdue Mother Earth and basically kill us all so that there perverted fantasy of the end times can come true.

Well I say it is the Spirit of the Green Dragon. The inherently dynamic and incredibly complex and adaptive system we call the Biosphere. I find Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Theory fascinating, do you? I will post more on CAS in the near future. Here is a link to a wiki on CAS. But please come right back because I am about to talk shit.

So now time to talk shit. Why is manure important for Mother Earth and for us? Because we all eat shit in our shit. A lot of our food is from manure from the Livestock industries. AND now we know that man made toxic chemicals are getting into the earthworms (very cool live form on the back of the Green Dragon). Read this alarming article.

Then go talk shit with your friends, family, politicians (deep breath) and neighbors.

Yours in Truth and Peace

Pope Terencio

Peace Be Upon the Green Dragon

The Green Dragon Hates War

I am posting this clip off of Youtube.

What The USA Army Doesn't Want You To See (Watch At Own Risk, 

Disturbing Footage)

 It is very disturbing and please if you start watching it and it bothers you then shut it off. But always remember, just because you cannot see, hear or touch something does not mean it does not exist (an argument for the existence of the Demon God of the Dominionists this is not). I just mean that closing our eyes, covering our ears and humming a tune will not stop the insane mad men who are destroying our Mother Earth, The Green Dragon and its inhabitants with such horrible weaponry as depleted uranium (By the way Tony Blair and George Dumbya Bush you are both WAR PSYCOPATHS). So watch it from front to back, prove to yourself that you will face evil with out fear and speak up to all you know that War is a Racket, as Major General Smedely Butler wrote in his short novel of that name.

Read War is a Racket here.

I wonder how many people are invested in the War Racket without even knowing it. Say through a pension or mutual fund? Probably a lot.

Pope Terencio

Peace be Upon the Green Dragon

Monday, December 20, 2010

Green the Deserts and Awaken the Green Dragon Hidden in the Sand - Geoff Lawson (Green Dragon Hero)

Behind Greening the Desert

Well fellow lovers of Mother Earth the Green Dragon will love what Geoff Lawson has been able to accomplish with the Greening desert. 

Thank you again for the name you CRAZY Dominionists at the Cornwall Alliance. For those of you new to the Green Dragon Cult watch this, have a barf bag ready if you have a weak stomach. 

Geoff Lawson is truly a hero of the Green Dragon. May he live long in health and do much more good for our planet Mother Earth. Permaculture is a passion for this man and good on him. But does he know that for so many years he was a member of the "Cult of the Green Dragon". Reverend E. Calvin Beisner no doubt sees Geoff as a threat to good Christian Dominionism and subduing our Mother Earth. 

Here is this "expert"s web page, check it out and well have some peppermint tea ready if you have a weak stomach. Mother Earth give us herbs to calm our nerves when presented with these types, so feel free to use the herb that works for you. 

As to the Greening of the desert  tell us what you think. I wonder how the climate would change if the whole of Saudi was reforested? Because according to my past reading at one time it was a lush green forest. Have to do some more research on that topic. 

Peace Be Upon Our Mother Earth, The Green Dragon

Pope Terencio

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Green Dragon Cult Now On Facebook

In the quest to spread the Way of the Green Dragon I have started a Facebook page. Just search GreenDragon Cult

I really hope that many, many, many young people will leave the CRAZY Cult of the Dominionists and embrace Mother Earth and stop the weird fetish like fantasizing about Her destruction with all of that END TIME nonsense. Hey CRAZY Dominionists WE will WIN and WE will save The Green Dragon our Mother Earth from your Psychotic Vision.

It is our Destiny.

P.S. Thanks for the cool name Green Dragon you CRAZY Dominionists you. You will always have a soft spot in my heart for this great name. Big hug.

Peace Be Upon the Green Dragon

Pope Terencio

The Cornwall Alliance is The Enemy of Mother Earth

To all of you Fellow Green Dragoneers who have a strong stomach here is the web page of the CRAZY Domionists. Please do not eat anything before checking this page out as you may lose you lunch.

The want to SUBDUE our Mother. Well I say let us wear the armor of conviction that the Green Dragon will not be subdued (code word for looted and raped, see old testament for how looting and raping are a part of their agenda).

Big thank you to the CRAZY Dominionists at the Cornwall Alliance for coining the term Green Dragon as it shall surely inspire many good hearted people to realize their own Green Dragon within and we shall surely convert many of the young to the ancient way of The Green Dragon Cult.

Peace Be Upon the Green Dragon

Pope Terencio

Tuned into Dudeism by the Good RevGMS

Greetings Fellow Green Dragoneers of Mother Earth (The Green Dragon). I encourage all of you to check out Dudeism at this page.

The Reverend GMS is a declared Dudeist and after looking it over I am convinced that I am a Dudeist as well. Having meditated with Tibetan Lamas and practicing the Daoist Internal Martial Art of Baguachang for 15 years, Japanese Shiatsu Therapy for 15 years along with just being an all around kind hearted person makes me a Dudeist most definitely.

Let all Dudes and Dudettes come together in the Way of the Green Dragon and save our Mother Earth from the CRAZY Dominionists.

Peace Be Upon The Green Dragon

Pope Terencio

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is The US Federal Government Part of the Green Dragon Cult - Green Government Buildings Say Yes

Many will be lead to belief that from the above article an inference can be made. The Feds have seven "Super Green" and not just regular old "Green", buildings in Colorado (a known hot bed of radical Green Dragon types, especially in Colorado Springs, ha ha).  This devotion at the feet of the false idol called "The Green Dragon" is without a doubt NOT a part of the Green Dragon Cult as I the Pope of the cult would know about it, Right!!

Well good for them anyway. This will surely lead to the conversion of many young Dominionists (Crazy People) and they shall be lead into The Way Of The Green Dragon. Peace be upon these new converts to loving the Earth and all its life forms. Surely the path to heaven will be open to them with lots of fragrant flowers and pretty birds singing along its way  because Green Dragon Heaven looks a lot like a Walt Disney cartoon. I will right more about this later and how Lions can learn to get along with Lambs by developing a taste for non-gmo tofu mock meat in heaven.